P.O.Box 7486
    Santa Rosa Ca 95407
All Aboard Animal Search and Rescue is not –for –profit 501 (3) C, volunteer
Based in Sonoma County, but reach out to the bay area to help lost and found pets
Which is our first and foremost, is lost and found pets, but that also brings us to
Street dogs and cats that have lost there way or were dumped, and so we have become also street dog and
cat intervention program, they are starved, scared, lonely, worried animals, they in my eyes are the most
suffering animals, they are hit by cars, people ignore street dogs and cats, some not knowing what to do,
some thinking there just a tree going un noticed.

I am the first non profit for pets that are lost and found. I would rather they find there way home, unless the
home is unfit or abusive, so I don’t believe all dogs should go home, but most or a lot have just lost there way,
stolen dogs and cats escape, lost dogs and cats become stolen, people dump them, neighbors steal them
and dump them, our mission is to help as many street dogs and cats as we can we trap , track them, some of
them get to shelters the street animals, some we pull from shelters if they aren’t doing well, some make it in
shelters some dogs don’t.
We are K9 Rehab , we help dogs with problems, other than severe human aggression. Aggression because
of abuse of men or women we work with. Fear aggression we work with, But we know we cannot save them all,
but try, no animal leaves here unfixed. We have done special needs foster to adopt when or foster homes for
emaciated animals until they were strong enough to be fixed.

All of our animals have received or have had the following minimal medical care
From a licensed vet prior to adoption
•        Complete overall health exam
•        All vaccinations including DHLPP, Bordetella and rabies
•        Heartworm test/ Lyme/ Ehrlichia test
•        Dewormer
•        Heartworm preventive
•        Flea and tick prevention when needed
•        Micro chip
•        Spay and neuter
very often animals coming into rescue need additional medical care , which happens most often with a street
dog or cat, they been hit, they eat road kill, bad water causing some very serious things, we make it our
policy to disclose any medical issues, behavioral, it would not be fair to the animal not to. But we cannot see
all that is wrong with animal , but we try our best on behalf of them to always do the right thing.
Our policy to adopt our animals, is a vet refs, contract, and application
We fit the right dog or cat to the right people, and will not sway from that, it’s a trial basis first month so if
people or animal are not happy they come back , if for any reasons down the road it is also our policy for
them to contact us, its in the contract , to either allow us to rehome or interview the people they might be
considering, but you cannot adopt out animals out to someone else, our adoption fees vary cats $25.00 to
$125.00 Dogs are $75.00 to $250.00 it is a donation so we may continue to pull strays from the streets, if we
cannot find there way home , we find them homes.
We do not adopt out more than 50 miles away as a rule, but there has been rare cases I have. Must have
securely fenced yard, and we never place a animal in a home that has unfixed animal, again I had one rare
instance the dog had serious heart problem, and I did wave that after talking to there vet.
We hope in Santa Rosa, to fully banish street dogs from wandering for months before they die out there
We try to place most cats that are found in the streets in santa rosa, but there has not been population
control on cats here, until a program is designed to help these cats, one that will work, we will always have
this severe overpopulation of cats in the county.

Please join us in the circle of greatness and make a difference in your community.
And save street dogs and cats.
Spreading the word, food, blankets, towels, heart guard, advantage, revolution, sponsor a spay or neuter,
vaccinations, put up flyers, join the search team of strays in our county.