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This was the worst day of my life. I
was burned, I had heart worm,
round worms, hook worms.  My
babies had smoke in there
lungs;they did not make it . I had 5
months of recovery from my burns
and heart worm treatments .But I
am a survivor and I will give others
hope for surviving to.
Then Mary helped me want to live and brought me alive. She taught me how great
life can be. Things I love to do is mud ball, running , I love the country, I love to roll
in grass. ( gotta have a lawn at least) love to ride in the car . I love my walks.
I have had a lot of training and rehab. I am fixed , vaccinated and
about 6 years old. I wear a coat in the winter, sunscreen in the
summer or a T-shirt . and lotion to keep my skin soft. I am
looking for a Hero maybe someone burned like me that likes
dogs. Or I can be a therapy dog and go visit burn patients. I can
give them hope  Like Mary gave me Hope  
Please call Mary at
707 526-0970
or email
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