"Okay, so your dog or cat is lost. You feel scared,
a bit hysterical and paralyzed and don't know
where to go or where to turn for help…

Your mind is obsessing. Are they hungry? Are they
cold? You feel their pain.

Thoughts are rushing and rushing……and
racing.           , take a deep breath and continue
reading. We are a non-profit 501(3)C organization
and we LIVE and BREATHE dogs and cats. We
help recover lost pets as well as help found pets
make their way back home. We are a spiritually
based rescue that does believe in the power of
prayer, common sense approaches and lives by
the golden Rule. Our motto is "Pay It Forward".

So, check out the circle of greatness. Contact "All
Aboard" today and see how we can help you
"make a difference". I will help bring balance and
focus enabling you to find your lost pet.

My success rate is high because I leave no stone
unturned and never give up. From my brain to my
soul your fur kid feels like my own fur kids. I talk to
you, offer support and keep you calm so your
energy stays focused.    LOST PETS BECOME

                      STOLEN PETS BECOME LOST

                      LOST PETS CAN GET ADOPTED

                      NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR

I have an investigative team and dog detectives;
we hunt them down. At times, my herding dogs
have been good trackers. I have found success for
folks when expensive hound hunters came up
empty. My intuition about dogs dates back to my
earliest recollection. I have tracked animals from
near and far. I can HELP YOU!

One past client had studied for 25 years at a
psychic institute yet was too personally involved
and grief stricken to find her own lost dog.
Sometimes we are born with gifts. Something we
know we were meant to do…For me, it is helping
pets get off the streets!

Join the circle of greatness. Help dogs and cats.
Foster, donate, call to make a difference in the life
of a suffering animal. One at a time, we will get

It takes the communities cooperation to help by
calling and taking part in recovering lost pets.
Won't you join us today? Let's create a one stop
site for finding lost pets!