All Aboard Animal Search & Rescue

All Aboard Animal Search & Rescue is a small and simple all volunteer group 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping people
recover their lost pets, and helping street animals recover and find good homes. We are the first, and possibly
only, nonprofit for lost pets.

Based in Sonoma County, we work the streets of the entire bay area of northern California to find lost animals.
We have worked cases from Santa Cruz to Laytonville, CA. We do the hard cases - the starved, scared, and
lonely left in the streets... ones that usually have been seen for a long time yet no one can catch.

The animals are generally lost dogs whose owners have stopped looking.  Some of them were dumped as a
result of owners not wanting them anymore. We call them "garbage dogs," for not only do they find themselves
having to scrounge through garbage to survive, but many end up euthanized in shelters and thrown into the

We also pull strays that are brought into local shelters, as they were also often lost pets.  Whatever the
circumstances that bring an animal to live on the street, our mission is to help as many as possible.

These dogs and cats are tired of running and looking over their shoulders every step they take.  Cars, horns,
weather, and wildlife all take a terrible toll on these animals.

We also rescue dogs from fight gangs.  Our experience has shown that once these animals go through K-9
Rehab with us, they often make the best and most devoted pets.

We are a designated K9 Rehab. We help dogs with all kinds of problems, other than severe human
aggression.  We do work with aggression based from abuse by men or women, and we work with fear
aggression as well.

We know we cannot save them all, but we try, and no animal leaves us without being neutered or spayed. We
also do special needs fostering for emaciated animals until they are strong enough to be fixed.

Nearly every time we search for street animals we come home with a stray, and they almost always need
medical care.  Your donations save lives in many ways.  Please click on the "About Us" and "Donations" pages
for more information.

Help us help desperate, starved, scared, lonely, worried dogs and cats.  Foster, donate, and/or call to make a
difference in the life of a suffering animal.

One at a time, we are making a difference.

It takes community cooperation to help by calling and taking part in recovering lost pets.  Join us today, and
become part of the solution!

Thank you for visiting this website, and welcome to our "Circle of Greatness."   Together we are creating a one
stop site for finding lost pets in Northern California and rescuing as many lost and street animals as possible...


All Aboard
Animal Search & Rescue

P.O. Box 7486
Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Mary A. Quinn


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