Meet April
Meet Petter Parker
Meet Trip and his dog Aldous
Tripps dog was lost for over 3 weeks in Novato at a training center that was to rehabilitate his 2 year old
black German Shepherd. Somehow he escaped and got lost. Mary from All Aboard Animal Search and
Rescue a non profit for lost and found pets was hired to find him. 3 weeks later guiding his owner Tripp
and his beloved dog to find him .. hearing he was on freeways and Mary watching him run in rush hour
traffic down bike lanes and worried he would be hit by cars. One was black lab we thought was Trips dog
was hit and killed ( rest in peace )
Then early morning we got word from someone who called we call them spotters that Trip’s dog was
not only on the freeway but stuck and cornered. Mary on the phone talked his owner in how to
approach as Mary always says dog will run from their owners as they cannot believe there dreams came
true to find them. Exhausted Trip who had been up really late with Mary night before listened carefully
on the phone about how to get his dog safely by such a busy freeway. Mary driving past the speed limit
was trying hard to get Tripp to help… he was a young man of 18 years old .
Telling Tripp to not chase even though he knew him but to talk to him and tell him come here .
2 seconds later Tripp Texts I got him.. Mary let off the gas pedal with a huge sigh.
To find out Tripp has injury to his back leg . But he is alive and that is really great . his dog so exhausted
Laying on the hill with is owner . Mary calls AAA to come help as keys are lost in the leaves. We all think
who cares we are so happy..
Be careful you might Trip and fall in love with helping people help there pets..
Where other rescues have $500 dollar surrender or higher we work hard on helping our community to
make it work..
We have helped people burned out in fires, divorce, death.
We are done it all program.
Please join me in community based rescue who believes in our own first .