Up For Adoption
Mocha is a two year old Mini Pincher
Chihuahua Mix mail . He was found in
the town of Sonoma running the
streets and no one could get close so
Mary Quinn was called in she spent
three weeks tracking this dog and
finely was able to get and now he is in
faster home doing  

Peter Parker

A Hero   

Peter Parker (Mr. Wiggles) is a 2 year old choc lab, border collie mix.. He is from
Ukiah Shelter, he was a stray from Fort Bragg area, I am a behaviorist. He was
what I call emotional flat line and had shut down, curled up in a ball at the shelter
and stopped caring..

Peter Parker almost a year ago I pulled him, I have turned him into the most
joyous happy dog , he is the greeter here, he still has the tigger walk and bounce,
in evaluating parker we found he had massive Bite wounds all over his head, we
also found out he had a ear that was closed off, because of the wounds, I am
certain he was used for bait for dog fighting ring,  he has since had another whole
underneath his ear which we raised money for and he is doing well. Parker loves
and adores women, with proper introduction he will like some a lot of dogs he
likes going every where with me, just riding in the car, being out back he is happy
laying by me while I interview people on the phone, he loves going for a walks,
when he gets worried if your nice or not or strange dogs he will growl, but that’s it,
he looks to me to fix things and I do, we owe it to him and what he has been
through.. Peter Parker and what he has lived through is a hero in my eyes, and
have turned out to be this happy and this nice. There was a story written about
parker in local Mendocino county paper, my vet also agrees with the wounds that
were on his body, he was used for bait..

He is fixed, vaccinated, wormed, heartworm neg. on heart guard.

Please contact All Aboard Rescue if you are interested in Parker.

A woman owner or at least in the picture a must..

He is a gem and a hero..